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Heinrich Weingartner

born 13.12.1939 in Vienna

First contact to billard ca. 1950 in Cafe Niebauer in Vienna Leopoldstadt. In this typical Viennese cafe I often made my school tasks and looked for a table near the billards. From there I could watch the for me at this time good players.
When I was 14 my father periodically took me out to various billard houses. Because the billard material often was bad and scruffy we joined a billard club - the Wiedner Billardfreunde in cafe Kolschitzky - on 1.5.195. The trainer of this club, the professional player Josef Pipal, recognized my attitude for billard and gave me lessons free of charge.
1956 I changed to the renowned Billard Sportklub Union in Cafe Elsahof in Vienna/Neubau. All great players of Vienna met here and the chance to go top quickly was well.
On 20. june 1965 I became winner of the european cup with the team of the billard club.
Overall 15 austrian champion titles, the first on 4. november 1962.
European record in free game with 500 points in one intake.
Opening of a specialized trade for the billard sports on 9.12.1964. Foundation of a publishing house and publication of a professional lournal for billard in 1966. Author of many textbooks of billard sports.
Foundation of a billard manufactory in 1978 with a capacity of about 100 billards a year.
Opening of a billard school with three teachers and a frequency of about 300 graduates in a trimester, that are about 1000 a year.
Press head of the billard federation and sometimes other functions since 1960.