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Johann Scherz

(3.7.1932 - 23.9.2004)

1956: First austrian champion title three-cushion with 0,84 GA.
Overall 92-fold austrian champion
2-fold winner of the european cup
1958: European champion three-cushion with 10 HS.
Worldrecord three-cushion series 13
1960: World championship three-cushion in Buenos Aires: Worldrecord with 1,363 BA, 6. place
1961: European champion three cushion with 1,000 GA, 1,200 BA, 7 HS
1962: European vizechampion three cushion in Amsterdam with 1,015 GA, 1,250 BA, 8 HS
Vizeworldchapion three cushion in Kaatsheuvel with 1,015 GA, 1,250 BA, 8 HS
1963: European vizechampion three cushion in Brussels with 1,007 GA, 1,300 BA, 13 HS
European vizechampion one-cushion in Lissabon witht 5,890 GA, 11,11 BA
Vizeworldchampion three-cushion in Neuß with 1,077 GA, 1,538 BA, 9 HS
1964: World championship three-cushion in Amsterdam:
1. Raymond Ceulemans (Bel)
2. Enrice Navarra (Arg)
3. Johann Scherz (Austriat)
4. Adolfo Suarez (Peru, Worl champion 1963).
European vizechampion three-cushion in Kopenhagen with 0,876 GA, 1,200 BA, 9 HS
European vizechampion one-cushion in Montecatini with 6,420 GA, 9,09 BA, 50 HS
1965: World champion in Cadre 71/2 in Huelva/Spain (BA 33,33, HS 162)
1966: European vizechampion three-cushion in Lissabon with 0,872 GA, 1,052 BA, 8 HS
4.11. - 24.11.1966: Ceulemans, Scholte and Scherz in Japan for showevents invented, where Kobayaschi let make a 3-hour-film.
1983: 4. at european championships one-cushion in Madrid

Johann Scherz

Scherz und Dr. Pablé

Mag. Walter Kortanek 1982 about Johann Scherz:

Scarecely a name can be so representative for the austrian billard sports as the term "SCHERZ-HANS´L".
As a real Viennese from Ottakring ha has his name as a real predicate. Born on 3.7.1932 he got the portion blood of an artist from his father, who had a legendary reputation as "powerman" and straithened in Varieté as assistent of the strongest man of the world his twisted iron rods, which leveredged him to one of the most popular attractions in showbusiness of amateur billards. Johann Scherz is not only a brillant sportsman and a phenomenal player, he already is a man, who loves his sport and who flaunts this love . Nobody can say about him to be vain or arrogant - in the reverse his fascinating appearence is stamped by a natural simplisity and modesty, which is also disarming as outmatching together. His potency is his intuition, his ability and experience. He is creative and esthetic in his game, ever looking for new options. Billard is self-realization for him, his speech not not like a trainer but the one of a faszinated. Even that he cannot pass over his know-how verbally is no reproach than a demonstration that the game itself is his most important means of expression.

I myself know our Hansi just a few years, but I allow me such a decission - contrary to my nature - about a human, a man, whose excellence for billard sports starts where most ordinary player have reached their limits: or can you name someone who like Hansi Scherz (at the austrian seniors championship three-cushion this year) without turning a hair cleand the table, cleaned the balls and stood in as referee or writer, because other members - maybe fascinated of his selflessness - only stood beside wondering ?

But not forgotten his wife Gerti, whose share in Hansis excellence cannot esteemed enough. Only on her catholicityand her commitment for her husband and his passion make the character of Hansi Scherz undestandable and human - should the BSK-Union ever become deserved "his" Scherz with words of thanks, so here should not be missed thanks to Gerti.

To persue his sporty career would mean to write a part of billard history.

Just early he arrested attention as he, coming from Lindau-Hof, in the Café Ritter won a three-cushion-target-tournament and also he soon was well-known as a brillant one-cushion-player.

On 30.1.1952 he became member of the BSK-Union, where he incessant staid since then.

His first austrian champion title three-cushion he gained 1956 with a GA of 0,84. In this year he did the unthinkable - in the final game against Reichert he gained his first one-cushion.title with an average of 8,33 (!).
As outsider at his debut 1958 in Cannes he earned the fisrt european champion title in three-cushion: In final game he won against Vingerhoedt in 37 intakes (50 points), highest series 10 ! Even the austrian TV transmitted of this live ! The president of the UMB at this time, Troffaes, commented in total mental absenze with the words: "About special nuances (of the totally ignored Scherz, remark of author) there is nothing to report."
At the same time Scherz fixed in this year also world records, as he finished the first one-cushion match with an average over 10 and increased in three-cushion the series-world record to 13.
In the following season 1958/59 Scherz played propably as first player in the world all games in three-cushion with an evaerage over 1,00.
Surprising was the season 1960/61: Hans gets last at the austrian championships three-cushion with the best GA - but his adversaries Engl, Reichert and Weingartner made an agreement to send Scherz as austrian representative to the european championships in Triest - result: Scherz became european champion with a GA of 1,00.
The most spectacular title he earned 1965 in Huelva, Spain. In cadre 71/2 the wrold chamipon title in finale against Galvez with a GA of 19,3 in spite of home advantage (the tournament was executed in Galvez´ own Café). 1966 the longed for victory over Ceulemans in a big tournament succeeded. At the Coupe-Simonis in Barcelona his adversary made 41 points stehen and Scherz ended the match in 32 intakes (60 points)! GA 1,196.

The phenomenon Scherz is best dokumented at his balanced EC-placements: in the period 1961-1982 he was 11 x second aand 6 x third ! And that he is nearing his 100. title would round the picture.
Who knows how Scherz is able to fight will know, what hopes will accompany him to the world championships in Guayquil, Ecuador, this year.

In the name of the BSK-Union I only can keep my finges cross for him and wish all good to him.

Walter Kortanek

At this statement in effect nothing has changed until the year 2000.