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Fritz Wenger

Christoph Pilss
Austrian champion three-cushion 2000

Gerhard Kostistansky
Third of world-championships three-cushion 1996.
Vizeworld champion team three-cushion with Andreas Efler 1997 behind Germany.
3-fold Austrian teamchampion
Austrian champion three-cushion 1995 and 1996

Johann Scherz and Leo Fiser

Gerhard Figl
4. place WM team three-cushion
Austrian vizechampion three-cushion 1992
13-fold Austrian teamchampion three-cushion

Wolfgang Anreitter
2-fold Austrian champion three-cushion
Austrian vizechampion 1995
11-fold Austrian teamchampion three cushion

Wolfgang Anreitter, Peter Ruzicka and Leo Fiser

Andreas Efler
Vize world campion team three-cushion 1997
European vizechampion three-cushion 1993
Winner of worldcup Veile (DK) 1994
6-fold Swiss champion 1989-1994
Austrian Vizechampion 1995
Austrian team champion with BK Margareten ( 1994) and BSK UNION (96/97 and 97/98)
Austrian champion three-cushion 1999 and 2009

Manfred Müller and Leo Fiser

Herbert Petter

Gerhard Spengler with Karl Märzinger and Kurt Margraf

Rainald Bastl
3. place Austrian championship artistic 1989
3. place Austrian championship three-cushion 1988
5-fold Austrian teamchampion three-cushion

Gerfried Kotzinger

Clemens Nöster

Walter Mayer

Heinz Gartner and Peter Weingesl

Robert Sulzbacher, Johann Scherz with grandson and Heinz Weigl

Franz Gmeiner

Baburek with Lecian
A dreaded bricole-player (tried all impossible pre-cushions)

1965:BSK-Union is champion in dutch Waalwijk with Leutgeb, Scherz, Weingartner and Engl. The club had no national opponents at this time.

Breinreich and Lecian

Lecian, Leutgeb, Walloch (cashier) and Weinberger (1965)

Reisinger, Dr. Pablé (erstwhile president of the BSK-Union)

Walter Kuba (until 1996 president of the BSK-Union)

Pasching and Lecian

Dkfm. Werner Reisinger (erstwhile president of the ÖABV)

Waldbauer, Dr. Pablé

Dr. Sablik, Voll (played at the Austrian-Hungarian championships)

Waltenberger (1965)


Weinberger (erstwhile sports manager of the BSK-Union)

Weinberger, Reisinger (1965)

Valek, Lecian (1965)

Hofrat Zechner (1965) (Father of Ingrid Leodoldter)

Reisinger at the presentation ceremony for highscore (10) at the Austrain championships three-cushion.